Welcome to Quantumzyme

Quantumzyme is a boutique enzyme engineering company focused on application of Quantum Mechanics, Molecular Modelling and Molecular Dynamics simulations to understand catalysis and provides the ability to rationalise suitable modifications to achieve the maximum benefit of biotransformation.

Targeted approach

Structural information of enzyme when available, can allow to TARGET specific residues in direct contact with the substrate or near the active-site cavity for mutagenesis, in order to increase it activity, efficiency.

Enhanced value

Enzymes (biocatalysts) are mainly biological molecules which have the ability to influence a reaction. Enzyme engineering deals with enhancement of enzyme activity of existing enzyme or inducing a new enzyme activity.

Designer enzyme

Rational redesign and directed evolution, or a combination of the two has proven to be successful in obtaining enzyme of desired properties in pharma, biotech, brewery, textile, chemical, dairy, tannery, food processing and other process intensive industries.